Thursday, October 17, 2013

Study Break

How was the last time I posted on here in JULY?! IT IS OCTOBER? And so is the theme of my life.


I am in my THIRD YEAR of school....year three. It just feels more official now, when I was in level 2 and I would go to clinical I felt like I needed to be babysat because I didn't know anything. Level 3 is a whole different ball game, the expectations are higher and so is the responsibility and that foggy dim view of myself as an RN is now less foggy and more clear. I am beginning to feel it.

I fit.

This is it.

This is what I get to do for the rest of my life (give or take a few years) and I can't wait.

I cant wait, yet I am terrified. In a year and a half I am going to be solely responsible for people in the most vulnerable time of their life. That is a big deal and not one I am going to take lightly. Having the opportunity to work at St. Joe's this summer really motivated me to do well this year. Not that I haven't tried my hardest in the last two years - it's just different now - there are faces attached to the diseases I am learning about, there is experience behind the diagnosis.

And so ends this blog, I have to get back to the books (midterm tomorrow) YAY

Monday, July 22, 2013

Life Update

Wow, blogging has been on the back burner for quite some time now, I am currently 2 hours away from completing a night shift, call bells are quiet, and all my patients are asleep, so I am going to take this rare moment of bliss to blog.

Where to even begin, my last REAL update was last summer more than a year ago, and life has changed so much - some parts good and some parts not great. To get the hard stuff out of the way, my precious grandpa Vyn passed away in October, to try and explain in a blog post how dear this man was to me is not possible. I am his eldest grandchild and we had quite the bond, there is a huge hole in our family that we are now filling with memories, laughter, tears, and a lot of get togethers. Grief is a funny thing, and it will hit me when I least expect it and not appear when I think it will. There are no text book metaphors to adequately describe the feeling of grief, no way to put it in words - but if you have experienced it, then you get it, if you haven't yet, count it as a blessing. To try and blog anything more than this seems futile, I had the amazing opportunity to give my grandfathers eulogy at his funeral so i will end this post by posting that - I hope it gives you a small glimpse into the great man Peter Vyn was.

To sum up a man as great as my grandfather in a 5 minute speech is a difficult thing, it is hard to sit down and compile 25 years of memories and what you will hear today is just a glimpse of the impact that Peter Vyn had on our lives. During our last conversation grandpa told me that he loved me with his whole heart, which I don’t doubt for a second because grandpa did all things whole heartedly, whether it was tearing up concrete, loading wood, fixing my dads lawnmower …again, cutting his lawn, working in his garden, or fishing – all were done with sincerity, preciseness, and no complaining.

While living in the states phone calls with grandpa were a cherished thing they would all start with “How are ya kid?” I would say good and he would say “your looking good too”  and they would always end with “love ya kiddo” He was always quick to remind how much he loved us, even in his last days any time you would enter the room he would pucker up his lips for a kiss.

You were not officially a vyn grandchild until you had visited the warplane heritage meuseum with grandpa – though I never did get my own membership (it was probably too expensive) – depending on the day a “Mary Vyn” membership card holder would look like one of the eleven of us. Grandpa would talk endlessly about the planes, their function, the pilot and their purpose. His favorite reply to any question he would ask you would be “I don’t know” which he then  took as permission to explain things further. Many memories of heading to grandma and grandpas backyard to watch the air show each summer, grandpa could tell you what the plane was even before it came into view.

It was a dangerous thing to yawn in front of grandpa, it was usually proceeded by this question “Are you tired? What time did you get up this morning” and no matter how early you were up, grandpa was up earlier and had accomplished a list of tasks longer than most would do in a week. He had a saying “early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Of course when your early to bed is falling asleep before the 6 0clcok news is over, its no wonder he would be up before the sun.  

Though grandpa had many strengths one of his weaknesses was board games, especially Pictionary, regardless of the word all of grandpa’s drawings took an ambiguous shape which was unrecognizable – and instead of adding more detail when people were not guessing correctly he would frantically point with his pen in the hopes that it would some how click for someone.

Grandpa had so many admirable qualities that will carry on in each one of the eleven grandchildren from his work ethic, to his receding hair line (sorry mike) on Sunday we all sat together and talked about our favorite memories of grandpa, all where shared with a smile a lot included fishing and going up north. We were all fortunate to spend alot of one on one time with grandpa  over the years, over coffee at tims, in the car on the way to church, in a boat in the middle of a lake, breakfast at the egg and I, working out, watching hockey, playing hockey.

We all learned so much from grandpa – how to fish, how to garden, how to make straight lines when cutting the grass, how to fix something that is broken, not to eat too many raw green beans, how to love through action, how to sit and observe, -  there are too many things to name. We were lucky to have such an active and involved grandfather. When spending time with grandpa you knew you had his full attention he was always interested in knowing what you were up to.

Grandma we love you and we are here for you, I just wanted to address my thanks today for showing me what it is to be a wife, for showing me the fulfillment of wedding vows “in sickness and in health” you have handled yourself with grace, strength and love. Grandpa loved you so much, it was evident in the way that he looked at you – and how often he came over or called whenever you were on vacation. 

Grandpa we miss you, there is a big hole in our family which we will do our best to fill with memories of you – we have a ton.  We are thankful for the time that we had with you, we are thankful that you didn’t have to suffer long, we are thankful for your love of Jesus and thankful knowing that you are in heaven – thankful that this isn’t goodbye but see ya later.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Quickie

I love blogging, I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth - school started again. I felt like I had finally picked myself up and dusted my self off from first year and then it was September.

Second year for the most part has been pretty good, there have been some external stimuli that have made it a bit difficult, but I will blog a bit about that in the future (near or far who knows). Today I just wanted to share a link to a post from Donald Miller's blog which I found to be so relevant for my life at this moment.

I will be back!

Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11 - A Door

I was so tempted to just go to bed and not do todays photo so you better appreciate this!!

I chose to take a photo of my closet door because of all the doors it's what holds the most meaning to much as a door could.

This door is located in my room, in a house where I have lived for 9 months - a small house with three rooms and four people, a house filled with love, a house where I have learned a lot about myself.

I love this house, and I love the people who live in it!

My closet contains so many pictures that so appropriately capture what is going on in my life - it has our photo reel from nursing formal, wedding invitations, Christmas cards from people who matter to me, pictures of some of the little people in my life, a commitment to the career I am about to start, thank you cards and a weenie flyer! I see that door and my heart is full, I think about the room where the closet door is located and my heart is full, I think about the house that the room where the closet door is and my heart is full, I think of the people who occupy this house and my heart is full.

So, ya - it's just a door...but it holds more than just the pile of clothes located behind it.

Taken with my iphone - sigh 

Wreck This Journal Entry #1 
Remember that journal I bought that is essentially meant to be destroyed? I have done ONE entry so here is how the journal looks so far!

I used a key - wasn't that creative with it 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 8 - Six-O-Clock & June 10 - Best bit of your weekend AND A camera update!

Back on track!!

June 8 - Six-O-Clock 
This is me at six-o-clock, sitting at work and menu planning for the week! (Actually taken on June 10)

June 10 - Best bit of my weekend 

Well since I worked Fri-Sun nothing was really that great (it will feel great when I get paid on Thursday) So instead I'm posting pictures of my Calla/Kim day at Gage park since that was the highlight of my week! (Taken with the nice camera pre lens disaster) 

In other news, I went to Bell Arte today and a new lens for my Nikon will be 170$ which isn't as bad as I thought so after a couple weeks of saving I should be able to get a new one!!

Hope no one melted today!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 7 - Drink, June 8 - TBD, June 9 - Your View Today, A new camera lens & game plan

I see a familiar pattern occurring here, one where I commit to doing a monthly photo blog and then I get about a week in and then I just stop doing it.


I have a valid reason (maybe not) for the delay of the last few posts - I BROKE MY CAMERA LENS!! It's not a secret that I'm accident prone and things in my possession tend to break - objects not people just to clarify, that could be bad for my future career. ANYWAYS I have handled my new camera so carefully and then on Thursday I went outside to take some pictures of the impending storm, placed my camera onto my car seat, and then .... it fell off. It wasn't even a far drop I just think the way that it landed was the exact way to mess something up with my lens.

Good news,

I ordered a new one.

Bad news (kinda),

It's a telephoto lens which is great for far away shots but not the best for closer shots. So my game plan is to bring in my current lens to Bell Arte Camera down the road from my house and hopefully get that one fixed and then have two lenses ... official right? It makes me look more like a photographer and less like a clumsy fool.

Here's the plan with the photo a day thing;
I will post the pictures for June 7 and June 9th on this blog and then post June 8 (as it's too late to take a six-o-clock shot) and June 10 and carry on as normal tomorrow!

June 7 - Drink 
On Thursday Calla and I had a "Calla/Kim Day" at the splash pad at Gage park - though I wouldn't recommend drinking the water I got some pretty cool shots and decided to incorporate them into the "drink" theme of June 7!
Side Note - these are some of the last photos my lens as I bought it took - RIP lens...

June 9 - My View Today 
This is more of a "my view now" type deal - which is me, sitting in bed, blogging!

Hope you all have a good weekend!
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